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The Arab World Company for Contracting and Management

Soteg was founded and registered in Tripoli’s trade registry, number 2650 in October 21, 1988.

It is a young, ambitious company that constantly takes part in the execution of versatile construction projects in Lebanon.

Over the years and ever since day one Soteg has built-up a considerable reputation of being one of the most successful companies in North Lebanon.

Despite the fact that Lebanon’s economy suffered major losses during the war, Soteg’s growth chartsnever failed to show continuous rise.

We at Soteg owe our success to strict guidelines that we have developed through our line of work, some of which are:

  1. Supply of highly qualified in-house technical staff and engineers who have shown extensive expertise in all construction work.
  2. Supply of sufficient new equipment necessary to finish work within deadlines.
  3. Supply of work agendas and schedules that comply with clients’ terms as well as the supply of onsite technical labs to facilitate inspection.
  4. Keeping an updated database of new technologies and acquiring the latest of modern machines for our fleet dedicated for our field of work.


In construction services, we established SOTEG, a contracting and construction company in 1988. Since its inception we have forged a strong reputation as the partner of choice for designing, executing and building large infrastructure projects in Lebanon.
Dabboussi Group (DG)
We have successfully completed highways, water treatment and port projects. Today, we are applying our expertise beyond Lebanon by leading projects in Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Iran.
Dabboussi Group (DG)

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