Chairman’s Word

Chairman’s Word

With great honor and pride, we present you our company’s brochure, that highlights the 14 years of remarkable achievements.

Our achievements are quite ordinary in size but very unusual in their diversity, in a short period of time and during an extremely challenging economic conditions.

Our greatest assets are the long and distinguished experience that our staff possesses, our fleet of state of the art modern equipments that can be used in the execution of any project despite its size and the confidence we built up with the ministries, the public institutions and the private sector which was the result of fruitful and long term professional relationship.
Our ambitions are limitless. We stand ready to undertake any project in our domain of the domain of numerous foreign construction companies that we cooperate with in executing of specialized projects.

Our greatest concern is the effective contribution in the development and construction.

Khaled Yasser Dabboussi

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