Harbor and Water Projects

1- Rehabilitation and reconstruction of Tripoli’s harbor after the destructive effects of the war:
- Earth work.
- Base coarse.
- Asphalt wearing coarse.
- Installation of tap water piping network in harbor buildings.
-Installation of a complete fire extinguishing system.

2- Construction of the duty-free zone in Tripoli harbor:
This project includes land filling an area of 350,000m2 in the sea with special filling materials of 1,500,000m3.

3- Construction of a fishing boat harbor in Al Abdah- Akkar, North Lebanon

4- Construction of a fishing boat harbor in Al-Akaibah, Mount Lebanon:
The project included making the harbor 5m deep and thus excavating 40,000m3 from the seafloor as well as constructing a breakwater out of 2,000m

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